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Aquatic Kickboxing
Safe, Effective, Fun Implementation of the Latest Fitness Craze . Includes Manual 3 videos, handouts and H2O TKO homestudy.
  • •      To review safety in class construction and in special populations

    ·                To understand the difference between kickboxing and group fitness

    ·                To adapt the sport, but maintain most of its form

    ·                To review the moves and their proper form

    To review proper patterning and combination development techniques


·       Current CPR

·       Completion of course study material.

·       Reccommended primary/core certification, or a

        degree/field in Exercise Science
If Teach Kickboxing You Want this Class
Make it Fun – Make it Intense – Make it Safe. This is a fun-intense-interval type workout, but it requires special education for the instructor to keep it safe muscularly balanced, and effective. Keep the core of proper kickboxing and Tae Kwon Do patterns, moves, and techniques, but skillfully adapt it for group fitness.

How it Works

Register for the Distance Certification by completing registration, submitting a copy of current CPR, and submitting payment of $150 (+shipping in the continental US states).

You receive the manual, video of Aquatic kickboxing lecture, and video of 2 aquatic  classes.

You review the study materials and videos. The written test is mailed to the proctor you indicated on your registration form. You arrange with your proctor to take the written test. The proctor will be supplied with an envelope to return the test to A-PAI.

YOU MUST ARRANGE TO HAVE SOMEONE VIDEO TAPE YOUR PRACTICAL. A 20 minute routine showing a warm up, 2 pattern routine that balances lead, two skill or training exercises, and warm down.

You mail the video, a copy of your current CPR, and a copy of a photo ID to A-PAI.

Your tests will be graded and the results sent back within 4 weeks. Retests of either the practical or written can be done for an additional fee.

Once you have registered and we have mailed the materials, there are no refunds unless there is a medical problem.

Registration Form:Distance Learning:  Aquatic Kickboxing Certification

*Manuals and Study Materials are Non-refundable & are required for enrollment in the certification.

Agreement for Enrollment Signature__________________________________________________

I understand that I am responsible for completing the class I am registered for. I understand that for the distance learning program the study materials and manual are non-refundable. In the event, I cannot complete the course due to medical reasons, I will only receive a refund of certification cost (not study materials) if the written exam has not been mailed to the proctor. If the written exam has already been mailed by my request, then my refund would be $15 than the certification to cver mailing and material cost of the test. Proof of medical problem will be required.

Make Check or Money order Payable to A-PAI

547 WCR 18 Longmont, CO 80504

______Check here if you want to use a credit card and we will call you for the information when you e-mail or mail this form.

Your Name_______________________________        Proctor’s Name_________________________________

Address__________________________________        Address_______________________________________

City__________________State____Zip_________  City_______________________State____Zip_________


Home Phone (       )__________________Work Phone  (       )__________________

Fax               (       )__________________E-mail_____________________________

Aquatic Kick boxing Certification ($100)            Manual and Study Materials*($50) 

Total for Certification                        $150

Plus $15 Shipping within continental US. Otherwise call for shipping price.